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For more information, please call the hall (716) 633-2211



(Assist with the maintenance and other decisions regarding the building)

     Chair: Karl Klostermann



(Shall continuously review and make proposals for updating the Bylaws to the Membership)

     Chair: Nate Wilson


Community Services (including Human Rights and Women's Committees)

(Assists in developing all Community Services programs)

(Human Rights: Shall advocate for the removal of systemic barriers that affect the fair and just treatment of working people. To build a society where members of all races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, gender, disabilities, ages, and nationalities feel welcomed, respected, and heard in our union and communities)

(Women's Committee: Shall assist to educate, inspire, and empower women and to create a just and equal society for all women by protecting the interests of the membership and our communities)

     Chair: Lori Marranca



(Shall conduct all nominations and referenda of this Local)

     Chair: Mike Dolan



(Shall assist the Local Officers and members in programs of the Union and the Local in the Legislative field. It shall be the responsibility for the Local's program to register each qualified voter)

     Chair: Dave Hocking



(Shall accept or reject membership applications in accordance with the Bylaws and rules of this Local and Article V of the CWA Constitution and policies of the Union)

     Chair: Jean Nelson



(Shall promote the Union and stir members for action)

     Chair: Tori Henley



(Shall approach non-represented occupations and discuss the merits of an organized workplace and work with potential members throughout the process of forming a collective bargaining unit) 

     Chair: Kenny Marx



(Shall use technology to communicate with members and keep important news and information up to date and accessible)

     Chair: Justin Herkey